PSE Upper Baker Shop

Military Grade Security

PSE Glacier Energy Storage

Alderton Substation

Ferndale School District Communications Center

Ferndale Boys & Girls Club

Point Roberts Substation

Sedro Woolley Substation

Spurgeon Creek Substation

Talbot Hill Substation

Renton, WA | august 2020

Constructed and installed facilities for Current Limiting Reactors (CLR) adjacent to existing site. The work included clearing, erosion control, grading, drainage installation, a detention pond retrofit,  concrete foundations, perimeter fiberglass fencing, electrical conduit, cable trench, ground grid, removal of old cable, road installation and yard rock. Subcontracted work included hydroseeding, auger cast pilings, fencing and electrical installation. The project was one of many we have completed in this area of Renton, WA.

PSE Upper Baker Shop

Concrete, WA | August 2006

Constructed a 4,500 sq. ft. shop to support Puget Sound Energy’s Baker River Hydroelectric Project in Concrete, Washington. The 23’ tall pre-engineered steel structure houses shop, office, locker, and lunch room uses. Special features include custom siding, heated floor and exterior concrete slabs, a 1,500 sq. ft. storage mezzanine and 4-ton single girder crane. We self-performed the civil, concrete, steel erection and carpentry work.

Security Projects

Seattle, WA | 2020-Present

Since 2020 we have designed, sourced and/or installed several high end security projects for private and public infrastructure clients.

PSE Glacier Energy Storage

Glacier, WA | March 2016

Civil and concrete subcontractor to RES America Construction to support construction of an innovative battery storage facility adjacent to a live substation in Glacier, WA. Set within the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, the system will provide up to 18 hours of backup power to Glacier during outages as well as addressing system peaking and flexibility. Rain and snow were challenges to overcome.

Alderton Substation

Alderton, WA | October 2015

Constructed a new 3.5 acre 230kV substation connected to the existing 115kV station. The work included clearing & grubbing, importing and placing over 30,000 yards of structural fill and yard surfacing, storm drainage, improving the existing detention pond, concrete foundations, perimeter chain link fencing, and electrical conduit, cable trench and ground grid. Temporary, grounded fencing was installed through the existing substation for safe truck access. Subcontracted work included hydroseeding, auger cast pilings, fencing and electrical installation. This was our third project at the Alderton site.

Ferndale School District Communication Center

Ferndale, WA | august 2014

Constructed a new 1,634 sq. ft. single-story wood frame structure to house the Ferndale School District’s central server room along with meeting and office space. The infrastructure includes redundant cooling, a propane back-up generator and UPS system to maintain the District’s communications and network services during emergencies.

Boys & Girls Club Ferndale

Ferndale, WA | March 2010

Creative architecture and a combination of diverse exterior finishes blend the new 21,000 sq. ft. modern wood-framed building with historic Pioneer Park. The facility houses all club functions including lunch and game rooms, kitchen, teen center, arts, crafts, tutoring, offices and a full gym. Challenges included pre-loading the site and raising the finish floor above the flood plain of the Nooksack River. We self-performed the civil, concrete, and carpentry work. Faux log siding and beams are unique features.

Point Roberts Substation

Point Roberts, WA | May 2014

Point Roberts was an existing 25kV to 12.5kV substation fed from BC Hydro’s distribution system. We served as civil and concrete subcontractor to Potelco, Inc. to rebuild the station as a double bank station with an open air feeder structure just south of the existing site. The work included demolition, grading, imported fill, concrete foundations, chain link fencing, landscaping and yard surfacing. We self-performed all work except fencing and landscaping.

Point Roberts is part of Washington State but not physically connected to the mainland U.S. Driving there requires border crossings through British Columbia, Canada – complicating travel and material deliveries. A challenge arose when a container filled with common landscaping plants was turned back at the border. The creative solution was to barge the materials across Boundary Bay from Anacortes, WA.

Sedro Woolley Substation

Sedro Woolley, WA | November 2012

Expanded an existing substation in Sedro Woolley, WA. Work included rough & finish grading, storm drainage, concrete foundations, SPCC containment, yard & top course gravel, electrical conduit, cable trench and ground grid. Hydro-seeding, auger cast piling, and the conduit & ground grid installation were subcontracted. This is one of several projects we have completed within this substation.

Spurgeon Creek Substation

Olympia, WA | February 2016

Civil and concrete contractor for Puget Sound Energy’s new 115kV substation in Olympia, WA. The scope included clearing and grading an 8 acre site, importing base course fill and yard rock surfacing, an extensive storm drain system and detention pond, placing foundations totaling 660 yards of concrete, perimeter security fencing, and the underground electrical conduits, cable trench and ground grid. Cutting and filling to balance the site with over 19,000 yards of moisture-sensitive glacial till during an extremely dry summer and wet fall was a challenge. We self-performed all work except landscaping, fencing and electrical installation.